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Priority Action: Take a Stand: Housing is a Human Right

housing and basic needs infographic who paysEmail U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro and ask him to help people being released from prison reunite with their families.

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Stand With Ella Baker Center to Help Increase Access to Housing for All

Other Ella Baker Center Actions

Tell President Obama: "Keep Families Together"
Every year, the US government detains indefinitely 400,000 immigrants, including children, because of their immigration status. Join us in asking the President to keep families and communities together.
Gov. Brown: Drop Your Private Prison Plans
Say no to Gov. Browns plan to open private prisons in California. We need to invest in ways to make California safer, like schools and opportunity, not give more money to private prison corporations.
It's Time to End The War On Drugs
In 2004, President Obama said "The War on Drugs has been an utter failure." Stand with Russell Simmons, Harry Belafonte, and others to say: End the War on Drugs.
Stop Brown's Budget Grab
We only have a few short days to before the Assembly votes on Gov. Brown's budget prison budget grab. Call your Assemblymember now to tell them to vote NO.
Stop Gov. Brown's Prison Expansion Plans
We've heard that Governor Brown has plans to raid the "rainy day fund" to pay for massive prison expansion. Stop these plans before they get started!
Stop Solitary Confinement of Youth with SB 124
Your state Senators need to hear that we need to limit the solitary confinement of youth in California.
Take a Stand for Oakland
Pledge to be civically engaged in the decisions that affect your family, your friends, your community and yourself to create an Oakland that is a socially just, ecologically sustainable, spiritually connected and has shared prosperity for all.
Take a Stand: Housing is a Human Right
Email HUD Secretary Julian Castro asking him to provide clearer guidelines to local public housing authorities.
Tell Your California State Legislator to Read Who Pays?
Email your California Senator and Assemblymember and ask them to read Who Pays? and take action to implement family-centered criminal justice reforms.
Tell Your Federal Representative to Read Who Pays?
Email your Congressperson and Senator and ask them to read Who Pays? and take action to implement family-centered criminal justice reforms.

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