Money Raised: $24,113.80

Top 5 Participants

  1 -  Fox Theater Badge Rhina Ramos ($1,380.00)
  2 -  Fox Theater Badge Leigh Raiford ($1,375.00)
  3 -  Fox Theater Badge Aviva Lipkowitz ($1,156.00)
  4 -  Fox Theater Badge Jessica de Jesus ($1,031.50)
  5 -  Fox Theater Badge Jana Luft ($1,002.00)

Top Participants

Top 5 Teams

  1 -  Barracudas 2.0 ($1,181.50)
  2 -  Bootleggers Part 2 ($950.00)
  3 -  Lady Locomotion ($770.00)
  4 -  Town Love ($265.00)
  5 -  The A Team ($225.00)

Run With Team Ella Baker Center


Thanks to many of your efforts, we have raised more than $23,000 to help end mass incarceration which negatively impacts our communities, families, and our nations. Our goal of reducing the incarceration rate by 50% over the next 10 years is only possible with your support and that of and your 600+ supporters! (It's not too late to still support the team!)

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Alex Salvador Eva Kaye-Zweibel

Alexis Fernandez Evelyn Sheridan
Laura Armstrong
Nyame Imani
Alivia Shorter Fernando Felix
Laura Zulliger
Olivia Salvador
Allison Schwartz Gabriel Salvador
Leigh Raiford
Omar Malik
Ally Beasley Haley Pollack Lenore Anderson Piper McNulty
Ana Leticia Lottis Hayes Morehouse Lia Bascomb Rachel Harris 
Anh Hoang Heather Davis Lila Razzaqui Rachel Marcus 
Anna Doty Hilary Near Lucia Oliva Hennelly Rachel Schiff 
Anthony Sanchez Ian Kim Madeline Flood Ramsay Thomas 
Ari Ali Jacqueline Duhart Mandolin Kadera-Redmond Rhina Ramos 
Ashley Scarborough Jael Imani Maria Sanchez Robin Walker 
Aubrey Daquiz Jakada Imani Marie Carnesciali Sandra Bass 
Aviva Lipkowitz Jamie Buongiorno Mark Wagner Sarita Turner
Carol Zabin Jana Luft Martin Morehouse Sophia Larrea
Carolyn Devol Janey Skinner Maureen Rees Steven Temple 
Catalin Kaser Janine Kaiser Max Elbaum Sumayyah Waheed 
Catherine Willett Jennifer Kim Midhun Joseph Tehya Ruiz 
Chance Grable Jessica de Jesus Miriam Joffe-Block Theo Gibbs 
Christina Mitchell John Morehouse Misha Balmer Therese Jimenez 
Cristal Tugbenyoh Judy Belcher Mohib Bukhari Usman Khan  
Dane Fishbaugh Kalie Ceglia Molly Merson Whitney Geitz 
Daniel Lottis Katherine Friedman Nathan Ostrout   
Dhiren Patel Ken Dick Nicole Slovenic  
Elisa Batista Kim Granger Nida Hussain  
Elisa Smith Kurt Hamilton Nwamaka Agbo  

We love our local businesses who have provided this year's prizes for our top fundraisers: Awaken Cafe, Bellanico Restaurant, Blue Bottle, Campton Place, East Bay Bicycle Coalition, Farley's East, Fitness SF, Great Western Power Company, Hotel Shattuck Plaza: Five Bistro & Bar, Mama's Royal Cafe, Mua Oakland Bar & Restaurant, National Holistic Institute, Oakland Ice, Oakland Marriott City Center Hotel, Oaklandish, Piedmont Yoga Studio, Title 9 Sports, Waterfront Hotel, and Wrench Science.

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